Back to School or Starting School!?

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It’s that time again! Back to school means back to school shopping. In my case, it’s STARTING school for my soon to be 3-year old. I think I’ve taught her as much as I can teach her at home. My goal was to have her toilet trained before 3, and now I can officially say she’s toilet trained! It’s time to make friends and break that separation anxiety (by that, I mean for the both her and I). After speaking with the director of the Montessori she will be attending, I’m excited about what they have to offer.

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I’m also excited about school outfits and school supplies! Here’s a glimpse of LC in Gymboree from head to toe. Her #kidgoals for this year is to make friends and learn how to share (ok, the last one might be one of my goals for her!) Being our first child, she doesn’t get a lot of interaction with other kids – and all her cousins live out of town. I’d love to homeschool her, but with my job it’s just not possible.

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Since she starts in September, I better enjoy the rest of my summer with her! What are you doing the rest of the summer? We have a birthday to celebrate soon and we’ll be exploring and reviewing kid friendly places so stay tuned!. 

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