LET’S PLAY: Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

This farmhouse that folds resembles the Fisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home I reviewed a few weeks ago. It’s convenient because all the pieces fit inside and you can fold it up to bring to the grandparent’s house.

My daughter loves animals so this was perfect for her. It’s recommended for children 1-5 and comes with 7 farm friends: Farmer Eddie, a pig, sheep, chicken, cow, horse, and goat. It also comes with a hay bale and a barn that folds up. The barn door and gate make different animal sounds or farm tunes. The barn also has pictures of baby animals to match the Little People animal figures with their mommy or daddy!

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Here’s a few things you can do with this fun toy:

Label the animals (both adult and baby animals) – As always, we start off with the very basic labeling the animals, “Cow” “Goat” “Chicken” – but depending on their skill level you can also teach them the baby animal names since there are pictures of them on the barn (calf, chick, etc)

Listening Skills – Now that they have learned the basic expressive language, you can help tune up their listening skills and receptive language. You can practice by saying “show me the cow” or giving directions such as “put the cow and goat together” or “show me the animal that says “moo!” If you’re practicing prepositions, you can give directives such as “put the cow on top” The listening skills is endless with this toy.

Features- This is a fun one to do! You can start by teaching the features to your child such as “the cow has spots” “the chicken has feathers” “the pig has a tail” etc. and this can easily turn into practicing listening skills, fill-in the blanks, and WH questions.

Fill-In the Blanks – I try to fit this activity in with every toy so you’ll see this often. Using the fill-in the blank technique really helped my daughter with language and critical thinking. Again, you just start off by saying a phrase such as “A cow says….” and your child says “MOO” if you’re practicing animal sounds. If you’re practicing features, you can say “the animal with black spots is a ….” “COW!” – these later transition into WH questions.

Sing Along – Sing a song with the farm animals! Old Mc Donald would be great with all the animal sounds!

Matching – This is a unique activity you can do with this toy because the barn has pictures of the baby animals. You can have your child match the pictures to the Little People animal figures. (Chicken goes with baby chicks, cow goes with calf, etc.)

WH Questions – Ask your child questions about the farm and animals that they’ve already learned from labeling the names, sounds, and features. “What’s this animal?” “What does a cow say” “Which animal has spots?” “Where does the cow sleep? (and have your child place the cow with the cow picture) “In here!” etc.

Pretend Play – Last but not least, pretend play! You can have your child pretend to be Farmer Eddie and put all the animals back in their farm, or you can pretend with your child to be different farm animals.

What would you do with this farmhouse? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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