Top 10 Farm Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

My daughter loves everything and anything that has to do with a farm. When we head to my hometown we make sure to visit our local farm each time. She also has a ton of farm animal toys and play sets. (Read about all the fun things you can do with the Fisher Price Little People Farm!) These are our Top 10 Farm Toys! Click the pictures to see the current price.

10. Melissa & Doug 20 Wooden Farm Magnets

Can’t go wrong with magnets! These 20 wooden magnets come with a sturdy storage box. It’s great for learning animal names and other farm related words. We like to make up stories as we stick them on our fridge!

9. Fisher-Price See ‘n Say – Farmer Says

I had to put this on here because it’s a classic and makes me feel nostalgic. I had something similar to this probably 30 years ago. My daughter loved this once she got the hang of pulling down the handle and actually letting go (because at first she would pull it down then guide it back up and wonder why it didn’t work!) This has 16 different animals that make their animal noises. Practice listening skills by putting it on quiz mode! This also plays “Old MacDonald” and “Farmer in the Dell” tunes.

8. Alex Toys Little Hands String A Farm

This farm set is for lacing and comes with big wooden animal shaped “beads” to string. Definitely the toy you want to start off with for stringing and working on fine motor skills. It’s a great way to encouraging counting, learning animal names, and sequencing.

7. LEGO Duplo My First Farm

This is a fun and easy-to-build farm with windows and doors that open so your child can feed their animal friends! Great for working on fine motor skills and building! It includes 3 blocks with farm animal produce pictures on it along with three animals and two people! We love all LEGO’s, especially Duplo’s for little hands and fingers!

6. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Farm Baby & Toddler Play Mat

THIS IS SO CUTE! I love this vibrant, bright play mat! It’s more for babies but toddlers can definitely still play with this too. It comes with nine different soft fabric animals and farmer figures that is great for sensory and feeling. They each make noises such as squeaking, rattling, or crinkling. It’s super convenient because the playmat folds up into a bag that holds the rest of the pieces.

5. LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

One of her first Farm Sets! This is a great cause and effect toy with lots of buttons, switches, a key to turn, and other little things to twist, lift, and flip. Great for working on fine motor and imitation! It plays melodies such as Old MacDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider for song recognition/introduction. It also makes animal noises! This is a very interactive farm toy!

4. Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of Farm Animals

My mom asked me what my daughter liked and I told her “anything that has to do with farm animals” – so she bought this for LC and she loved it. I love the simplicity of it. She loves standing them up (although you need to have pretty good fine motor skills because some of these need to be at a certain angle to stay up). We name the animals and their sounds as well as make up stories. This was one of the first toys we played with where I told her “tell me a story” and she actually started telling me one that made sense. I love how they all fit back into the bucket so she knows exactly where these figures go when we clean up.

3. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

There is so much to do with this Little People Animal Farm Set! This is one of my personal favorites because it includes 7 figures! (Farmer Eddie, a cow, goat, chicken, horse, sheep, and pig, plus an additional hay bale) The doors and open and close while making animal sounds or playing music. My daughter loves matching the figures to their pictures (pictures are of the baby animals and the figures are the parent animals). My favorite part is that it folds up for easy storage and we can bring it along to the grandparent’s house.

2. Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set

This is a cute Little People set that is very fun and detailed. It’s interactive with different songs, phrases and sounds and great for working on fine motor skills, learning different animal sounds, matching, and taking care of each animal friend. This playset comes with Farmer Jed, and four animals (horse, chicken, pig, and cow). Don’t forget to ring the bell

  1. Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Barns and Animals

This would probably be my daughter’s favorite farm toy because she loves sorting, matching, and putting things in order. This toy includes 6 stacking barns and 6 wooden animals that she just loves putting in order. It’s a great introduction to numbers, farm animals, and sizes. Another great toy for working on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pretend play!


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Farm Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

  1. Love all these ideas! I can’t believe I haven’t purchased a See and Say for my son yet! My son loves his Little People farm set and his tractor so I’m sure he would go crazy for the rest of the items you mentioned. Thanks for the ideas!


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