Let’s Play: Melissa and Doug – Cutting Food: Wooden Play Food and Cutting Fruit Set

My daughter played with these sets at her cousin’s house and couldn’t get enough of them. I gave in and got her two of the sets from Melissa and Doug (Cutting Food and Cutting Fruit). Both sets are made of wood and come with a wooden knife. After watching her play with this for a while (a long while – she LOVES these!) I came up with some other ideas on how you can teach through play using these cutting sets.
Imitation – Teach your child how to cut the different types of food by simply showing them how to do it and directing them to “Do this” by placing the food on the cutting board then pressing down on the Velcro sections with the knife. Have them imitate you putting each of the pieces back together.
Naming Fruit – Teach your child the names of these specific different types of food, fruit, and vegetables. The Food Set comes with an apple, pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sandwich bread, a loaf of bread, watermelon. The fruit set comes with a pear, orange, melon, strawberry, banana, and lemon).
Receptive Skills – Now that they know the names of the fruit, test their listening skills by saying phrases such as “put the apple in the crate” or “give me the loaf of bread” or “cut the pear” etc.
Naming Colors – These handcrafted wooden pieces are so colorful! Teach your child the names of colors by naming the color of each of the food pieces.
Sorting Colors – Teach your child to sort by color. “Place all the red pieces here, now give me all the yellow ones please…”
Counting – Count each food as a whole, or count it’s pieces! The banana has one, two, three pieces! The pear has one, two pieces! Or put all the food back into the crate. How many pieces of food do you have? How many fruits do you have? How many vegetables are there? How many pieces of grain? Counting can be incorporated in a variety of ways!
Sorting into Categories – Categories are fun. Teach your child which one’s are a fruit, vegetable, and grain!
Listening Skills and Features– Test your child’s listening skills by turning it into a game. “Give me the food that is a fruit, it’s red, and it has three pieces” or “Give the one that is a grain, it has four pieces, and it’s brown.”
Expressive Skills and Features – Ask your child to name three things about each of the fruits. “Tell me three things about this carrot” – Their response would be along the lines of “it’s orange, it’s a vegetable, and it’s cut into two pieces”
Pretend Play – Finally, her favorite. She loves to play restaurant – it’s currently her new thing. I’m usually the customer and wants me to order food so she goes to her play kitchen with her cutting board and knife and chops away and serves me these pieces of food on a plate.
There’s so many things to do with this toy! She’s been stuck on it since we got it. Click the picture below to see the prices and order yours now!

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